Signs You Need to Replace or Service Your Prothesis


5 Signs You Need to Replace or Service Your Prothesis

A well-built and well-fitted prosthesis integrates seamlessly with your body and enables you to overcome the physical challenges that come with a full or partial amputation. However, unlike prostheses, our bodies and lifestyles can change over time, and these changes – when ignored – can compromise the fit and function of your prosthesis and get in the way of your life. To stop this from happening, we are going to cover five signs that you need to replace or service your prothesis

Sign #1: Time

Artificial limbs do not last forever. Depending on the quality of the prosthesis and your activity level, a prosthesis’ lifespan can vary greatly.

While regular maintenance and repairs can help prolong their lifespan, it is estimated that certain prosthetic components lasts around two to four years on average before needing to be replaced.


Sign #2: Weight Change

Due to the custom nature of prosthesis fitting, weight loss or gain can affect how well it fits and can even compromise its structural integrity.

If you have lost weight since your initial fitting, you may not have to replace the prosthesis entirely. Instead, your practitioner can give you thicker gel liners or add pads for space filling.

However, this solution only works in the case of gradual and incremental weight loss. If you lose a significant amount of weight, either quickly or over time, you will likely need to replace your prosthesis entirely.

And if you gain a significant amount of weight, there is little that can be done to accommodate the prosthesis’ fit before needing to replace it.


Sign #3: Change in Activity Level

Whenever receiving a prosthesis for the first time, your practitioner will take into account a number of factors to ensure the best possible fit and function – activity level being one of the most important ones.

Should your activity level begin to progress, and you feel limited by your current prosthesis, you may need to consult your practitioner to determine if are ready and eligible for a new prosthesis to meet your new goals and lifestyle.


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Sign #4: Skin Irritation

Sometimes, your body will tell you that there is a problem with your prosthesis. If you regularly experience skin irritation around your affected limb, know that it is not a normal and unavoidable part of wearing a prosthesis.

With proper supplies and clinical care, your practitioner may be able to help you eliminate skin irritation without the need for a new prosthesis.

Oftentimes, skin irritation can result from one of the previously mentioned factors (time, weight change, and change in activity level).


Sign #5: Discomfort or Pain

The most sure-fire way to know that your prosthesis needs servicing or replacement is if it causes you pain or discomfort.

If you find yourself in this situation, reach out to your practitioner immediately so they can help you repair or replace your prosthesis and get you back to living pain-free.


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