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JP&O has staffed our team with Certified Practitioners to help create and fit the orthotic and prosthetic products that our patients need.

JP&O specializes in providing prosthetic devices for both lower-limb and upper-limb amputees. Utilizing the latest technologies, each one of our custom-made prosthetics features a light-weight design with a comfortable fit.

JP&O specializes in providing orthotic devices for lower-limb, upper-limb, spine, and cranial patients. Our practitioners evaluate, design, fabricate, fit, modify, maintain, and repair the orthotic device using the very best materials while delivering efficiency and comfort.

JP&O specialists are trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and biomechanics, and the appropriate use of corrective footwear – including shoes, shoe modifications, custom function insoles, diabetic insoles, and other pedorthic devices.

Prosthetic Services at JP&O in Batesville, Arkansas

Custom Made Prostheses & Artificial Limbs

Prosthetic Services

What is a prostheses? A prostheses is often referred to as an artificial limb that is applied to the body to replace something that has been lost through accident or disease, or was missing at birth. JP&O Prosthetic & Orthotic Lab provides preparatory and definitive prostheses for both above-the-knee prosthetics, below-the-knee prosthetics and all levels of amputation. These prosthetic devices are designed to match the functional goals and needs of each patient to improve the quality of their lives.

JP&O Prosthetic & Orthotic Lab
specializes in the following prosthetic services:

Bebionic Hand


Intelligent, precise, and reliable. Express yourself with the enhanced bebionic hand by Ottobock, designed for individuals with upper limb loss to perform everyday activities with ease.

Ottobock’s X3
and Genium Knees

Pre-Amputee Counseling at JP&O | Northwest Arkansas

Building on the unique functionality of the Genium leg prosthesis, the X3 is particularly robust and resilient. Physically demanding occupations, an active family life, swimming and sports activities, seaside holidays and situations where you encounter water, dust, sand, dirt, or grime – these are the ideal conditions for the X3.

HiFi Socket

Post-Acute Prosthetics and Orthotics Collaboration
For both upper and lower limb wearers. Makes you feel like your limb and prosthesis are locked together as one. Wearers experience increased stability, greater comfort and energy efficiency, a lower perceived weight for their prosthesis.

Kinnex 2.0

Prosthetic & Orthotic Clinic Rogers, Arkansas | JP&O

Integrates the world’s fastest responding microprocessor ankle/foot technology and carbon fiber to provide low – to moderate impact K3 ambulators the stability they expect – instantly.

Plié 3.0

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 9.07.45 AM
Microprocessor Controlled (MPC) Knee both submersible and more rugged than ever. Yet, it’s still the fastest MPC knee, responding 10 to 20 times more rapidly than other MPC knees. With the most responsive stumble and fall protection, users can instinctively move at their own pace in any direction…even if it’s taking small short steps or pivoting in confined spaces.

Ossur’s Pro-Flex
XC Torsion Foot


Pro-Flex XC has been developed to comfortably support the active user who enjoys hiking and jogging, as well as level‐ground walking. The foot is ideal for active users who want to use a single, lightweight foot for their normal daily life, as well as a range of higher impact activities.

LIM’s Infinite

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 3.50.38 PM
The Infinite Socket™ TF adjustable components enable both patients and clinicians to fine-tune fit for better comfort and control. The built-in, anti-microbial, flexible brim can be loosened when sitting and tightened when walking to achieve optimal stability and comfort.
Pro-Flex XC for Active Patients | JP&O Prosthetics

Evaluating and Creating Orthoses

Orthotic Services

What is an orthosis? An orthosis is commonly called bracing or a brace. Common orthoses include those used to support feet, ankles, wrists, hips and necks. An orthosis is applied to the affected body part to strengthen, straighten or to restrict improper movement.

JP&O Prosthetic & Orthotic Lab specializes in the following orthotic services:


Spino Med for Lower Back | JP&O Rogers, Arkansas

The Spino Med IV is a lightweight brace designed to provide support for the wearer’s lower back. Strong but flexible and with wide straps, The Spino Med IV is both comfortable and easy to wear.


Knee Brace | JP&O Prosthetic & Orthotic Clinic

This knee brace offers stability and protection for the knee joint. This hinged knee brace features breathable liners to reduce friction and increase comfort. This brace comes in various sizes for a better fit for the wearer.

OttoBock Stance
Control KAFO

Spino Med IV at JP&O | Prosthetic and Orthotic Clinic

Lightweight and sturdy, the Stance Control knee brace offers bracing from the foot to above the knee. By reacting to the leg’s movement, this brace locks and releases the knee joint as the wearer moves.


ACA Peer Support Counselors | Prosthetic Clinic

Individuals living with foot drop will enjoy better movement with this lightweight and easy to wear device. Programmed and painless electrical shocks activate the nerves and muscles that make the foot respond and provide a more natural gait.

Pedorthic Services in Harrison, Arkansas | JP&O

Foot orthoses and diabetic shoes

Pedorthic Services

What is a foot orthosis? A foot orthotic is any device that is created to treat a wide array of possible foot-related problems including congenital (at birth) deformity, improper walking/gait and/or partial foot amputations due to trauma or illness. The main goal of a pedorthist (the person trained to diagnose and create a pedorthic device) is to improve function and reduce pain.

Pedorthists are trained in the biomechanics to build custom insoles and accommodative shoes to alleviate pain, improve function, and prevent progression or deformity. Diabetic shoes are custom made to prevent diabetic pressure ulcers and offload high pressure areas.

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