Terran Gates, CPO

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Terran Gates is currently functioning as an ABC board certified and state licensed CPO in the NWA clinic and the education and initiatives coordinator for JP&O. She began working at JP&O in 2016 after completing a masters in O&P at UT Southwestern Medical Center and since has developed a focus in education and patient care coordination among the interdisciplinary team. She is passionate about bringing gold standard and collaboration of care to the rural areas served and has developed amputees clinics in the Northwest and central Arkansas regions, written and presented education courses, and established protocols in post-operative care for amputees. She also enjoys Transfemoral work and innovative design in socket technology. 

“I love the balance of working for people and working with your hands that this career provides. I enjoy the constant problem solving, learning new techniques and devices, and getting people back to what they enjoy doing.”

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