Joseph W. Jessen, RPA

Stance Control knee brace | JP&O Prosthetics

Joe Jessen is our Jonesboro facility’s lead prosthetic technician and has more than 10 years of experience in the field. Joe understands the unique set of challenges that amputees face being an amputee himself since 1979. Joe currently wears the Harmony Vacuum System. He is a Certified Prosthetic Assistant and has been trained by Ottobock Healthcare on technical work on a variety of different prosthetic systems including below-the-knee (BK) and above-the-knee (AK) prosthetic fabrication and finishing. His trainings also include the Harmony Vacuum System course. Joe is a technician in our Jonesboro lab and provides technical and fabrication support for all of our outlying facilities and clinics.

Joe’s experience as an amputee, coupled with his vast experience as a prosthetic technician at JP&O, helps bring a very different perspective during lectures and presentations to the educational programs at Arkansas State University and the University of Tennessee. He is a regular presenter to Nursing students and Physical Therapy Students each year. Joe most enjoys seeing how we are able to improve the quality of a person’s life and their ability to be mobile by the services we provide.

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