Gregg Altobella, Chief Financial Officer

Pedorthic Services Branson, MO | JP&O

Over the past 29 years Mr. Altobella has functioned in a President, CEO, and/or executive leadership role for both publicly and privately held healthcare organizations, responsible for the management and leadership to over 15,000 healthcare professionals. His leadership & operational responsibilities have served physicians, nurses, prosthetists and orthotists, rehabilitation therapists, and behavioral health staff that have provided medical, surgical, habilitative, and rehabilitative programs and services at over 500 inpatient, outpatient, community & residential locations. He has created student training partnerships with over 20 educational institutions and has served as adjunct faculty at the University of Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky University.    Since 1990 he has served on Advisory Boards for 7 home health care agencies. His direct leadership, consultation, and industry advocacy have spanned across nearly all 50 states, Canada, and Europe. Throughout his tenure, he has had responsibility for almost $700 million in revenues. Mr. Altobella was also elected and served on the Washington, D.C. based Board of the Directors of the National Association of Rehabilitation Providers and Agencies (NARA) from 2003 thru 2012, of which he served as the association’s President from 2006 to 20012.

In 2012 he founded the Synapse Health Group, LLC focusing on providing vision and guidance in a uniquely consultative and collaborative manner to numerous healthcare organizations, including orthotic and prosthetic companies, across the continuum of care across the United States. He has worked consultatively with JP&O since 2015 and currently serves as the organization’s Interim Chief Financial Officer.

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