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Orthotic Services

What is an orthosis? An orthosis is commonly called bracing or a brace. Common orthoses include those used to support feet, ankles, wrists, hips and necks. An orthosis is applied to the affected body part to strengthen, straighten or to restrict improper movement.

JP&O Prosthetic & Orthotic Lab specializes in the following orthotic services:


Spino Med for Lower Back | JP&O Rogers, Arkansas

The Spino Med IV is a lightweight brace designed to provide support for the wearer’s lower back. Strong but flexible and with wide straps, The Spino Med IV is both comfortable and easy to wear.


Knee Brace | JP&O Prosthetic & Orthotic Clinic

This knee brace offers stability and protection for the knee joint. This hinged knee brace features breathable liners to reduce friction and increase comfort. This brace comes in various sizes for a better fit for the wearer.

OttoBock Stance
Control KAFO

Spino Med IV at JP&O | Prosthetic and Orthotic Clinic

Lightweight and sturdy, the Stance Control knee brace offers bracing from the foot to above the knee. By reacting to the leg’s movement, this brace locks and releases the knee joint as the wearer moves.


ACA Peer Support Counselors | Prosthetic Clinic

Individuals living with foot drop will enjoy better movement with this lightweight and easy to wear device. Programmed and painless electrical shocks activate the nerves and muscles that make the foot respond and provide a more natural gait.

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