Nurse Case Management

JP&O is excited to offer “Nurse Case Management” services in a collaborative effort that facilitates recommended treatment plans ensuring appropriate medical care for disabled, ill, or injured individuals. 

It refers to the planning and coordination of healthcare services appropriate to achieve the goal of medical rehabilitation. Nurse case management may include, but is not limited to, care assessment, including a personal interview with the patient, and assistance in developing, implementing, and coordinating a medical care plan with health care providers and the patients and their families, and evaluation of treatment results. 

Nurse case management communicates all healthcare needs to the individual, monitors an individual’s progress, and promotes cost-effective care.

Worker’s Compensation Referral Forms for Injured Workers:

AR-N Form

First Report of Injury (FROI)

Nurse Case Management

Crystal Gilbert


Crystal Gilbert, RN, CCM, has been in the medical industry for most her life. Since the age of sixteen, when she began her first job, Crystal has made it her life's work to help others. She has been a nurse for 31 years, and she has assumed key leadership roles in the administrative nursing field for over 20 years, receiving numerous awards along the way. Her past administrative experience includes: Regional Case Manager at JMS, Director at Jonesboro VA Clinic, and Director of Nursing at Correctional Medical Services. A Northeast Arkansas native, Crystal is excited to join the JP&O team as Case Manager and help individuals live their lives to the fullest.

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