COVID Information

Your health is important to us and that is why we’ve invested considerable resources to keep you safe. In 2020, we took several preventive measures at each of our locations to stop the spread of disease.

Disease Prevention Technology

We’ve purchased high-technology air purification systems for each of our locations:

COVID Information | JP&O Lab in Harrison, Arkansas
  • Ottobock’s Plasma Generator which disinfects air during day-to-day work.
    • The plasma generator produces hydroxyl radicals known as cold plasma that destroy viruses, bacteria, fungi and even odors in the air and on surfaces via a chemical chain reaction. In the process, up to 99.999% of germs are eliminated.
    • The cold plasma is not harmful to your health, so you can feel safe when visiting JP&O locations.

We’ve also purchased Apollo UV-C Lamps to disinfect multiple surface areas within each facility.

Disease Prevention Protocol Improvements

In addition, we made several improvements to our disease prevention protocol to include:

  • A surface disinfecting program to assure extensive cleaning is performed before and after each patient.
  • Additional time between patient appointments to lower the number of patients in and out of each facility.
  • The use of industrial sprayers in each fabrication facility.
  • Patient screening at check-in prior to each appointment.
  • Masks required by all employees and patients.
  • Multiple hand-sanitizing stations.

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