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Careers at JP&O

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Available Positions

  1. Certified Prosthetist Orthotist | Rogers, AR
  2. Certified Prosthetist Orthotist or Clinical Manager | Harrison, AR

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JP&O Professionals

JP&O certified practitioners are a key part of your care team. We collaborate with you to get the best possible outcome for your patients. We work with a variety of providers to care for our mutual patients.

  • Hospitals
  • Veterans Administration
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Physician Offices
  • Wound Care Centers
  • Physical Therapy Gyms
  • Healthcare Professionals across Arkansas and Missouri

Our Statistics

  • 80% of transtibial patients have a clinically significant improvement in at least one of 8 outcome measures after intentional treatment.
  • 85% of transfemoral patients have a clinically significant improvement in at least one of 8 outcome measures after interventional treatment.
  • 90% of patients are not dependent on a wheelchair as their primary assistive device after interventional treatment.
  • Patient satisfaction score company wide is 98%.
  • 100% of our patients would refer us to a family member or friend company wide.

The JP&O Advantage

JP&O is a family-owned prosthetics and orthotics business serving Arkansas and Missouri for more than thirty years. The business is built on our five pillars: service, character, collaboration, results, and forward-looking. We strive to bring world class results to rural areas as a collaborative partner of their healthcare team. Here’s how:

We use expertise and excellence to form results

As in all healthcare fields, the field of O&P is always changing and updating with new technology and information. JP&O places a high value on education to ensure we are utilizing the current best practices, doing the best by our patients, and offering the latest technology.

ABC Certified and Fully Staffed Clinics

  • JP&O staffs each of their locations with American Board of Certification (ABC) teams to ensure every patient is seen by qualified individuals.
  • The teams consist of patient service coordinators, clinicians, assistants, and billing specialists.
  • We utilize certified assistants and care extenders to make sure all the patient’s needs are met in a timely manner and have a Doctor of Physical Therapy on staff to improve communication and outcomes.
  • All clinicians are required to complete continued education courses to stay current in the latest evidence-based practices.
  • Five JP&O clinicians hold Fellowship distinction through the American Academy of Orthotics and Prosthetics.

Data Driven Care

JP&O is committed to a data driven care model in support of population health management.

  • JP&O has actively collected patient intervention and outcome measures since 2015.
  • This robust data analysis demonstrates the most effective intervention methods for improving the quality of life for our patients.
  • Our practitioners utilize this protocol to track improvements and areas of concern for individual patients. This information is reported back to patients and their referring physicians and utilized to tailor treatments.
  • JP&O Practitioners use performance dashboards to ensure performance and efficiency standards across the company.

Continued Technology Adoption

The field of O&P has advanced well past its origins of hand carved wooden prostheses. Without continuous learning and adaptation of technology, the field would not continue to progress. JP&O adopts new technology into practice including new products and materials, uses telehealth and zoom to collaborate care, and explores areas such as 3D printing and application-based education and support programs.

User Friendly

Being a family-owned business lets us customize our work. JP&O is proud of our level of collaboration with hospitals, VAs, physician’s offices, wound care centers, physical therapy gyms, worker’s compensation professionals and other healthcare professionals across Arkansas and Missouri. Strong collaboration leads to better outcomes for our mutual patients. We understand you are busy, so we’ll work with you to determine the best process for you and your team.

Tailored Collaboration

Whether you are a rural primary care clinic or regional hospital system, we are happy to discuss with your team how to make working together convenient and pain free.

With increasing demands from insurance companies for documentation to prove medical necessity, the required paperwork we request has also increased.

JP&O strives to meet these requirements in a way that results in timely and approved treatment for your patients and without undue hassle for our referring physicians/providers whether that’s through electronic signatures, teleconferencing, or in-services to improve communication.

Patient and Community Education

Both patient and community education are of high importance to JP&O

  • Patients are provided multiple formats of education on their device and how to use these to improve their circumstances and are never charged for re-education or adjustment appointments.
  • Over the past 30 years, JP&O hosted and presented at many educational events.
  • We understand that our field has a lot of jargon and don’t expect your office to know the coverage policies in and out. That is what we are here for. Whether it’s a phone call with one of our experts or a lunch and learn, we always seize the opportunity to increase awareness and knowledge of how we are able to help your patients.

Telemedicine Integration

JP&O equips each of our clinics with the capability for telehealth and collaborative discussions. This has encouraged interdisciplinary communication to improve outcomes as well as address concerns of COVID-19 exposure.

Collaborative Care Clinics for Amputees

JP&O’s Collaborative Care Clinics are one of the major ways we help improve care for amputees throughout the communities we serve. All community members are welcome and there is no fee of any kind for consultation.

  • The majority of amputees have a complex myriad of comorbidities and difficulties requiring numerous medical appointments. These clinics allow for the whole patient and all of their needs to be addressed simultaneously.
  • The Collaborative Care Clinics provide amputees with a full team of healthcare professionals to provide an extensive treatment plan for an individual–whether it be for their initial prosthesis or a replacement.
  • With the adoption of technology, these clinics can now be attended virtually by patients.


Call us at +1 (800) 232-6436 to schedule time to discuss:

  • Collaboration on clinical protocols
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Patient outcomes and measurements
  • ACA peer support counseling

Are you interested in joining the JP&O team? Review our available positions below and apply today!