About JP&O Ottobock.care

JP&O Ottobock.care certified practitioners are a critical component of your care team. We help you gain the best outcomes for your patients through:

  • Guidance and education on the best device for their needs
  • Order consultations and recommendations to minimize the wait time for your patient
  • On-going follow-up to assure your patient continues to thrive and to address any concerns or issues right away.
  • Patient outcomes reporting so you can be confident that your patient is doing well.


  • Comprehensive Service
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Staff Specialization & Certification
  • Population Health Emphasis
  • Post-Acute Care Collaboration


  • Patient Centered Care
  • Pre-Amputee Counseling
  • Patient Support Group
  • Information & Resources
  • Convenience in Access – 20 Locations


  • Data Driven Care Models
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Sharing & Coordination
  • Integration & Connectivity with Other Providers (MD’s, Therapists, Case Mgrs., etc.)

JP&O Ottobock.care is committed to post-acute collaboration in prosthetics and orthotics.  We are aligning our approach with Population Health Management and best practices in patient outcomes.

  • Data driven care models
  • Patient centered care
  • Tracking clinical outcomes
  • Measurement of clinical cost metrics
  • Patient education and engagement
  • Practitioner accountability
  • Clinical guidelines, protocols and pathways

Call us at 1-800-232-6436 to schedule time to:

  • Collaborate on clinical protocols
  • Patient outcomes and measurements
  • Speak with one of our ACA peer support counselors

Forward Together

In 2021, Jonesboro Prosthetics and Orthotics joined Ottobock Patient Care. Already known for its worldwide excellence in prosthetic technology and quality patient care, Ottobock entered the patient care market in North America through strategic partnership with select best-in-class patient care providers throughout the United States. This collaboration will support Jonesboro Prosthetics and Orthotics and Ottobock’s shared vision to advance innovation, improve access to care, and most importantly deliver the best possible patient care experiences.

You deserve care that puts you first and helps you get back to being you. We are here to help you gain the mobility and confidence you need to live an active life.

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